Enable your building with Icnos

In today’s high-tech world, one of the main criteria when choosing business or residential space is the speed and quality of the available connectivity. We can provide both residential and commercial landlords with readily available ultra-fast internet access, meaning your tenants can move in and have service immediately.

With traditional providers there are often long lead times, added costs for installation, and inconsistent and unreliable service, which can cause delayed move in dates or lead tenants to move elsewhere due to poor service, meaning you're out of pocket.

With us, it's different. With the Idaq Networks Icnos service, you can guarantee tenants the speed you've signed up to, before they move in.

Key benefits

Customer retention

Tenants won't look to move elsewhere because of poor internet connectivity

Attract tenants

Our superfast Icnos service sets you apart from the rest of the market who have internet services delivered by traditional methods

Tenants move in immediately

Rent start dates won't have to be driven by lengthy installation lead times, meaning you can accrue for rent without delay


Tenants can move between buildings in your property portfolio and enjoy the same superfast connectivity

Guaranteed revenue

We’ll offer a percentage of the customer rental for internet services as a revenue stream to you. Furthermore, we’ll provide marketing and sales support to ensure that this is a worthwhile enterprise for both parties.


 Cost neutral - subject to survey
 Pre-agreed methodology
 Unobtrusive installation

New builds

 Pre-agreed installation
 Work closely with your specified contractors
 Day one connectivity for all residents

Private rented

 Day one connectivity to all residents
 Various packages available - including telephone if required
 Added value

What's the next step?

We’re always on the look-out for new sites to help grow our network. We offer various business models, from completely free installation to a revenue sharing model.

Get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss the options available to you.
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"If you’d asked me if I’d consider a wireless leased line a few months ago, I’d have been very cautious. The Icnos system is incredible with up to 200mb speeds available and the prices are extremely competitive. Choosing Idaq has made our temporary decamp to the alternative premises very much less painful than it otherwise might have been."
Ian Ross, Motus Traffic Ltd
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